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BUY 1 Get 1 FREE Russian Keyboard Sticker

BUY 1 Get 1 FREE Russian Keyboard Sticker

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With our signature font, OMONI designed a Russian keyboard sticker that doesn't cover fully the key button.

For round or square key button is compatible for any keyboard!





C  o  l  o  r  f  u  l     D  e  s  i  g  n

Easy recognition of Russian Letters 



  • Do not scratch the letter
  • Once placed it cannot be replaced
  • Please wipe the keyboard before with a cloth and rubbing alcohol to remove all the dust 
  • Apply & press the sticker on keyboard
  • Wait for 5-10 seconds before peeling the plastic & gently peel


Letter Size: 

Multicolor 0.007''


Package Includes:

(1x) Russian Keyboard Sticker

(1x) Computer Package 

(2x) Instructions


Buy up to 12 for the cheapest rate 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cute but sadly not functional

I’ve had these stickers for a few weeks now. I want to preface by saying that they are super cute and exactly as advertised in terms of style and easy application. However, I had higher hopes for their longevity! After typing on my keyboard for the past few weeks, unfortunately the stickers on the high-use keys like E, F, T, J etc (English keys) are losing their adhesive properties. The stickers have been moving around and almost pushed off some of the keys. I want to love these as the aesthetic is absolutely perfect, but I’m sad and disappointed to find that they don’t hold up long-term 😔

UPDATE: After a few more weeks of attempted use, the stickers have completely come off the keys and some have even broken into smaller pieces :/

Alex Alexzander
A good idea realized

I considered hiring an artist to custom paint my keys to get the characters I wanted on my keyboard. I have used stickers that cover the original keyboard characters in the past, but today my keyboard is backlit and I don't wish to disrupt this. Clear stickers that attempt to solve this by allowing the backlight to shine through the clear sticker have meant that I must position the sticker in less than ideal ways to get my new character where I want it. This left me with the feeling that I needed an artist to paint the character just where I wanted it. After searching everywhere once again I was fortunate to find these stickers. They allow you to apply just the character where you want it on the keyboard without covering up anything else. It's a lot easier than hiring an artist to paint my keys. I bought three sets just in case. So far they look perfect.

If you're a language learner and want to add your second language to your keyboard in a tasteful, functional, and attractive way, this is it.