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DUO Korean Bundle Box For Beginners

DUO Korean Bundle Box For Beginners

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Introducing our Bundle Korean Beginner Box, designed to jumpstart your Korean language journey with all the essentials you need, whether you're on the go or at your desk. At its core is the Korean Reusable Board, featuring a wooden holder, pen, and dry eraser for efficient alphabet practice without wasting paper. Accompanied by a Carry On Case, your learning tool is always within reach.

Crafted with the needs of beginners in mind, this comprehensive bundle equips you with all the essentials to kickstart your language journey, whether you're on the move or stationed at your desk. This bundle comes with a Korean Alphabet Reusable Board and Korean Vocabulary Reusable Board.

Why opt for the Bundle Korean Beginner Box?

tool for learning the Korean language in a fun and engaging way! With its low-tack surface and colorful letters, this board makes writing and memorizing Korean characters easy for the whole family. Plus, it's eco-friendly and sustainable, allowing for endless use without the need for paper wastage.

Designed for a unique learning experience, our Reusable Alphabet Board is durable, waterproof, and portable, making it ideal for use anywhere, from school to your desk at home. Share your love of Korean culture by passing it on to family and friends once you've mastered it yourself!

Package Includes:

(1x) Korean ALPHABET Reusable Board
(1x) Stroke Order Guide
(1x) Wood Holder
(1x) Pen
(1x) Dry Eraser
(1x) Carry On Case

(1x) Korean VOCABULARY Reusable Board
(1x) Stroke Order Guide
(1x) Wood Holder
(1x) Pen
(1x) Dry Eraser
(1x) Carry On Case

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