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I Love You Korean Sticker Sa.Rang.Hae

I Love You Korean Sticker Sa.Rang.Hae

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Derived from the Korean language, it is an endearing word for expressing love. It is often used in daily routine to movies and dramas to convey deep affection and a strong emotional bond. However, it is interesting to note that different levels of politeness and formality are associated with expressing love in the Korean language.

Saranghae = 사랑해 (informal, not polite)

Saranghaeyo = 사랑해요 (informal, polite)

Saranghamnida = 사랑합니다 (formal, polite) 



Exquisite signature font crafted by OMONI


2.25'' x 1''


Sticker Paper



Not a waterproof sticker

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Katie Tate

I've run out of space to put anymore stickers on my current water bottle, so now I have to buy another water bottle to put this cutie on display. And I will have to buy more stickers. Absolutely worth it. :)

Lovise Gjerdingen
So cute

The stickers are adorable and just like the photo 😍

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