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Korean Alphabet Book A5 - Edition 1
Korean Alphabet Book A5 - Edition 1
Korean Alphabet Book A5 - Edition 1

Korean Alphabet Book A5 - Edition 1

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Practice Korean Alphabet Writing Notebook


Our Korean Alphabet Writing Notebook is the perfect tool to kickstart your Korean language learning journey. Our method is centered around repetition, making it easier to grasp the language. In addition, our notebook features our unique and rare font that's colorful and beautiful, 100% designed and handmade from scratch.

To make the most out of our notebook, we challenge you to write one full sheet every day for over a month. After that, try writing without the guides on a plain grid notepad. Start with the basics, and learn little by little. We believe in you!

Our method allows you to learn how to read and write Korean in the most fun and cute way possible. However, we understand that learning takes time and patience, and our notebook is here to guide and help you on your journey.
At Omoni, we believe in you and encourage you to be persistent in your learning. With our Korean Alphabet Writing Notebook, you're one step closer to achieving your language learning goals.

''Omoni believes in you. Be persistent!''


  • (4x) 10 Consonants & 14 Basic Vowels
  • Total 56 Pages
  • Size around A5 ~5-7/8 x 8-1/4''
  • Cover Paper 80lbs
  • Colors  Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green
  • Grid 0.25mm
Korean Alphabet Book A5 - Edition 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
A must!

Just received this notebook yesterday and already a favorite while learning Korean! The amount of space it has to repeatedly practice how to write the consonants and vowels is great. Can see that it will be easy to pack and use this while on a car trip or plane flight to pass the time. Can't wait to order more notebooks!

Amarela Bucuk
love love love !

the notebook is so easy to understand for me as a beginner in korean ! i can’t wait to start learning ♡ :D

Liz Espino
I can’t wait to use this notebook!

I can’t wait to use this practice notebook, I’ve been trying to Lear Korean but it’s hard to get use to the writing but I am so happy I can practice it with this notebook

Elaine Loong
Good quality

I just started learning Korean recently, and I came across Omoni Design on Instagram. I bought this Alphabet practice notebook along with some stickers, they arrived to me in just a few days after I place the order. The packaging were so neat and the quality of the noted is also nice. I even got some extra goodies. It's a great shopping experience overall.

Natasha Arellano
Cute notebook

I love it, it’s easy and simple to understand. The one lesson a day helps keep track of my progress plus the stickers are so cute 🧡