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Korean Card Game You and I 너와 나 Learn & Get To Know Your Partner

Korean Card Game You and I 너와 나 Learn & Get To Know Your Partner

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 Learn & Get To Know Your Partner

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Do you know you partner/friend/family?

This game is a challenge to see how well you know your opponent. But everything is Korean, so you can practice, learn and have fun!

Challenge & Make Your Rules!

1. Place card deck in the center

2. Each round a player get to pick a card and read the question

YES: If you know the answer for the questions asked to you, you win a point

NO: If you don't know how to answer or if you don't know the questions you loose a point. After that you get to hold the card and read your answer about yourself

 3. Claim your winner card (included) 

Be creative and fun with the rules! For example who win the game get to have a BBQ dinner or a dessert at your favorite ice shop.

How does it work?

Play with 1, 1x1 or a group of friends, family, couple.

Get to know about them, but ask the questions in Korean! This game is to remind you about what your partner likes, appreciate or think.

You will find phrases and words with the pronounce and translation of the questions:




Package Includes:

(1x) Card Storage

(1x) 50 Korean cards

(3x) Game Instructions

(1x) Winner Card

(2x) Winner Stickers

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Customer Reviews

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Alexa Carballo

This is great when I’m studying by myself and it’s fun when I have my sister helping me study. I’d recommend to anyone!

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