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Korean Bundle Box For Beginners

Korean Bundle Box For Beginners

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We are introducing our ultimate bundle explicitly designed for beginners who are starting to learn a new language! This bundle includes all the essentials needed to organize and track progress while learning, all convenient to Carry-on around or to leave at your desk so that you always remember to study.

Why to choose this bundle?

The Korean Reusable Board in this bundle is a fantastic tool for beginners learning the language. The board has a wooden holder, pen, and dry eraser, making it easy to practice writing the Korean alphabet without wasting paper. In addition, the Carry On Case included makes it easy to take the board wherever you go to study.
The bundle also includes two A5-size notebooks perfect for practicing writing. OMONI carefully designed these notebooks for learning the Korean alphabet, which is essential for beginners. The first notebook (Edition 1) includes exercises to help learners practice writing the basic alphabet, while the second notebook (Edition 2) has a more advanced alphabet.
The Korean Keyboard Sticker included in the bundle is perfect for those new to the language and to practice the Korean keyboard layout. It makes it easy to locate Korean characters on the keyboard and type more efficiently.
The Set of 3 Random Korean Stickers is a fun addition to the bundle. You could decorate the stickers in the notebooks, the reusable board, or any other items used for learning Korean.
The Random Tote Bag is a valuable item to carry around all the items in the bundle, making it easy to study on the go.
Lastly, the bundle comes with a NEW FREEBIE, anything from adding stickers to a small Korean language learning resource. This surprise freebie is a bonus for those who purchase the bundle.
Overall, this bundle is perfect for beginners who want to learn the Korean language. The items included helping practice writing, taking notes, typing, and studying. The bundle is also cute and fun, making it an enjoyable way to learn a new language.


Package Includes:

(1x) Korean Reusable Board + Stroke Order Guide + Wood Holder + Pen + Dry Eraser + Carry On Case

(1x) Korean Vocabulary Board + Stroke Order Guide(Only)

(1x) Edition 1 Korean Alphabet Notebook - Size A5

(1x) Edition 2 Korean Alphabet Notebook - Size A5

(1x) Korean Seamless Keyboard Sticker (Random Color)

(1x) Set of 3 Korean Stickers (Random Designs)

(1x) Tote Bag (Random Design)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Really nice packaging and all the items arrived safely


It's a cute bundle they send you packed full of everything to help you learn a new language, and some goodies. I love it!


This has really helped me in writing in Korean. Probably the one thing I really struggled with.

Laiza Javier
No regrets!

I love the acrylic reusable board. I'm a textile learner so writing while learning helps me retain information better. Definitely recommend this!

Mahra Alshehhi

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