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Korean Keyboard Seamless Sticker

Korean Keyboard Seamless Sticker

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The keyboard sticker set is an excellent tool for immersing yourself in Korean and improving your typing proficiency. Its seamless integration and discreet design allow you to concentrate on learning while adding a touch of individuality to your keyboard. The stickers are crafted with our distinctive font and colors, resulting in a visually appealing and functional product. OMONI boasts of creating a versatile and compatible item that elevates the language learning experience. Select from various colors that cater to your unique style and augment your keyboard proficiency!

With our exclusive typography, OMONI has meticulously crafted a Korean keyboard sticker set that provides partial key button coverage for an enhanced typing experience. Its adaptability ensures compatibility with various keyboards, whether circular or square-shaped. This keyboard sticker set adds a touch of sophistication to your device while retaining the original design of your keyboard. Please take advantage of the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Korean language with our unique and practical keyboard stickers.

Textured or Curved Keyboards: Not suitable, and they will not have the best product life.

Gamers: if you type with excessive force on your keyboard, you may need a different keyboard to better suit this product.

New White: Appearance is grey due to metallic composition. Once placed on a black or darker keyboard, the white will pop.

International Keyboard: Note if your computer & keyboard is AZERTY or QWERTY for placement. Once placed on the keyboard, you cannot replace it due to the glue.

Polyglots: OMONI is designed not only in Korean but also available in Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and more to come as per our community requests.

Memorize at a fast pace: our sticker set provides an experience for users looking to memorize in a fast pace a new language with their keyboards. Our product is not a permanent solution but a transitory and fun option with an aesthetic and colorful design.








C  o  l  o  r  f  u  l     D  e  s  i  g  n

Easy recognition of Korean Letters 



  • Please wipe the keyboard before with a cloth and rubbing alcohol to remove all the dust. 
  • Once stuck on the surface, You cannot replace it.
  • Do not scratch the letter.
  • Apply & press the sticker on the keyboard. Wait for 5-10 seconds before peeling the plastic.
  • If peeled too soon, or if any left residue/dust is on the keyboard when the decal is applied, the product's life will be shorter.


Please add the Korean Language

to your Language Preferences on your

computer. Usually, you can find the languages

you selected at the bottom right of your

computer screen. Once you select Korean

Language, press the button ALT.

Enjoy the Korean Words on your computer!


Letter Size: 



Package Includes:

(1x) Korean Keyboard Seamless Sticker

(1x) Cute Computer Packaging  

(2x) Instructions


Buy up to twelve (12) sets for the same shipping rate if buying one set (1).



To ensure that the stickers have more extended wear, it is essential to properly clean the keyboard before applying them. The application process involves removing any dust, dirt, or debris from the surface of the keys with a soft cloth and a gentle cleaning solution. In addition, the surface must be arid before applying the stickers to ensure they adhere properly.

Additionally, the environment and cleaning care also play an essential role in the longevity of the sticker set. It is important to avoid exposing the keyboard to extreme temperatures, moisture, or direct sunlight, as these factors can cause the stickers to deteriorate faster. Regular keyboard cleaning with a gentle cleaning solution can also help prevent dirt and debris from building up and damaging the stickers over time.

With proper cleaning and care, a high-quality keyboard keycap sticker set can last for many months (estimates from 5-10 months) or even a whole year(s), providing a solution for users looking to memorize their keyboard language learning experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 142 reviews
Caitlyn Bell

I really love these. These worked exactly how I wanted them to, and the white looks great with the black keyboard. I will say I lost a few letters after about a year. I would recommend buying two: one to put on and one to replace letters if they fall off. Seeing them sold out, I wish I did, so do not make the same mistake.


I have a black keyboard so I wasn't sure if the color sticker I purchased would be visible. Thankfully they stand out.


I really, really wanted to love these. And for the most part I do. I have had them on my keyboard for less than a week and have already lost two letters. They started sliding around the keys by day two. I did everything I was supposed to before installing. I’m just so bummed. They’re exactly what I was wanting, I just wish they lasted better.


Stickers look great on laptop! Super happy with this product.


These have been so great for typing while learning Korean. The stickers are high quality and extremely easy to place. My only small observation is that when you're in certain lighting situations, it can be a bit difficult to discern some stickers from others, but once you learn where the keys are, it's pretty intuitive. I bought 2 sets, one for my current laptop and one for the desktop I intend to purchase soon. Great purchase!

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