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Korean Stamp Complete Alphabet

Korean Stamp Complete Alphabet

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Limited Edition New Arrival

Korean Lifetime Stamp

This Korean Stamp is a unique and valuable addition to any language learner or crafting enthusiast's collection. This wood stamp set features our signature font letter, allowing you to customize your messages beautifully and elegantly.

Each stamp is made with high-quality materials to ensure a lifetime of use. However, please note that this particular set has one misprinted piece - instead of ㅝ, it is ㅟ. As a result, it is offered at a discounted price and sold as a final sale item with no returns.

Take advantage of the opportunity to add this lifetime stamp to your collection and create beautiful, personalized messages in Korean!

Package Includes:

(1) set of 67 Complete Korean Alphabet Stamps
(1) Korean Love Sign Stamp

Stamp Size: 

1 x 1 x 3 cm





Please note that colors may vary slightly due to lighting and/or filters. Additionally, all sale prices and/or discounts applied are final and not eligible for returns or refunds. 

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Customer Reviews

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Tracy Fields
Korean Stamp Set

The price was good for this item. I think a plastic container would be better. Also the letters are very small so it’s hard to see the letters like doubles. Bigger letters would be more useful for beginners.

Nice Set

-the only korean stamp set I've seen so far that includes double consonant characters! Yay~ nice job on that! Granted I didn't do that much research..but in terms of availability in US, the only one I've seen so far..
-love the extra heart finger stamp
-different size consonant
-mini ink stamp sample(?) Was a surprise.

Things to improve:
-i feel the double consonant stamps were a bit too small in comparison to the other characters, making the final character look a bit disproportional. So i think Double consonant stamps could use a slight increase in size.

-also consider include a set of smaller vowel characters for those special 4character word (like 읽 or 앉)

-a little hard to align characters because as all wooden rubber stamps go. It is hard to see where you're stamping and you just hope you did it right lol. Could be user error- me I'm user...but
I'D LOVE TO SEE THESE TURN INTO CLEAR STAMPS AT SOME POINT~~!!! It would definitely help in more accurate stamping ♡♡♡

- a bit hard to differentiateㅏ,ㅗ,ㅓ,ㅜ and ㅑ,ㅕ,ㅛ,ㅠ, without scrutinizing...the difference is there but ever so slightly. i took a good look and was able to differentiate them. But definitely had to label them for easier future usage.

-i still chose to buy after knowing this. but there are two ㅟ, which is mentioned in the description if you read through it all- I think it would be better to make it more obvious and less hidden within all the text.

I've tested them out and overall, they look great (despite my messy stamp example photos.. I'll come back with better photos) and does what they're suppose to.:) I'd still definitely recommend this set despite the room for improvement if you're looking for 한글 stamps.

hoping to see some improvements after my critical feedback and possibly seeing these as clear stamps instead in the future!
--do it Omoni! My thousand dollar idea given to you for free;)


I have terrible handwriting and these are perfect to use for learning!
You get a ton of quality stamps that are super well-made and I am currently obsessed with how great they are


These stamps are so cute and fun to use! I bought them because it seemed like a fun way make cute personalized letters to my friends and family. The stamps are easy to use and I especially love how the ink pad is in the shape of a heart. Thank you!!

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