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Korean Vocabulary Reusable Board 126 Words

Korean Vocabulary Reusable Board 126 Words

It will outlast a mere piece of paper!

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Looking for an innovative and fun way to learn the Korean language? Look no further than our Alphabet Reusable Board! This board is perfect for the whole family, with a low-tack surface that allows for easy writing and erasing, as well as colorful letters for an easy memorization process. And best of all, it can be used over and over again, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly option for language learners.

Our Reusable Alphabet Board was designed to create a unique and enjoyable learning experience. No need to worry about buying another book or running out of paper, as this board is both durable and waterproof, making it perfect for carrying around to school, the library, or even just keeping on your desk. And when you're a pro, you can pass it on to family and friends to share your love of Korean culture!

''Use & Reuse forever!''(Omoni)

32 Daily Words

7 Days Of The Week

8 Time of the Day/Month

13 Native Korean Numbers

6 Weather

13 Sino Korean Numbers

5 Directions

8 Colors

6 Food Related

10 fruits

3 Food Expressions

10 Words Used To People

6 Transportation

Total of 126 Words

Are you ready for the next level?
OMONI recommends this board to anyone who wants to advance straight to the vocabulary or those who have already memorized the alphabet. So, get ready to start learning how to write the basics of the Korean language. 

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  • Made With Love

  • Original Design

  • Durable

  • Small Business

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Carry-On Case: Take it with you wherever you go

Giftable: Looking for the perfect gift for a Korean language learner? This one will leave them speechless!

Desk Décor: An aesthetic masterpiece on any desk

Reusable: Make good use of it over and over

Durable: Crafted for durability and engineered for lasting performance

Waterproof: Easy to clean, made easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

Special-Shaped Dry Eraser: The benefit of using our dry eraser to efficiently erase small and large details

Rounded Corner Edges: Smooth edges just like your learning journey

Package Includes

(1x) Reusable Board

(1x) Carry-On Travel Case

(3x) Order Stroke Guide Sheet

(1x) Chalk White Pen

(1x) Dry Eraser


10” x 7.5” 
25.4 cm x 19.05 cm


Experience the benefits of acrylic materials in everyday products like our—the flawless combination of style and functionality with our acrylic reusable language learning board.

Smooth Edges

For a pleasant user experience, the reusable board features smooth edges.

Fine Quality
Our acrylic reusable boards are top-notch quality - they're the bee's knees!

Use & Reuse

This Item is designed to be used and reused. A long-term commitment, whether you need to catch up on your studies in the future or you want to share with someone interested in learning a new language.

Wipe, Wash, and Clean as many times. This product won't get torn too easily.

Why Reusable?

Is this product for you? If you like trying different resources to speed up and make your learning journey more fun, YES!

When handmaking a paper book, we realized there might be another option to learn a new language: no paper, ink, or energy to print it all.

Aesthetic products can help you learn and memorize faster! Don't worry about buying another book or running out of paper because you can even carry this reusable board to school, the library, or your desk.

Enjoy your learning journey writing infinite times on our reusable board!

Best Seller

Best Seller for many reasons, but the most important is gifting someone and knowing they are investing their precious time in the right direction, learning.


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"Fantastic learning tool - I’ve used every product from this brand with my other Korean learning tools and it’s been such a huge help. Knowing the variety of ways the language can be written, I really appreciate a native speaker putting something like this together. Whether you write on the tool or just use it as a reference, it’s an easy way to test your knowledge. Can’t wait for further releases!''

Fetesha D. - Verified Buyer

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amanda Tinsley
Amazing product! Beautiful Design

So excited to receive this board after I saw it on Instagram. It's a lovely simplistic design, and the board is the same size as my ipad, but weighs nothing. The printing is clear and the pens glide over the board with ease. Erasing is just as simple and leaves no residue on the board itself. I love this and I'm so glad I bought myself such a treat!


When practicing with this, it makes remembering certain phrases easier, but it was also on this board that I learned that there are 2 ways to count

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  • The colors are gorgeous and match the reusable boards!

    "I bought a set for myself and loved them so much I bought a set for my sister-in-law who is studying Japanese. They're very smooth when writing on the boards and erase with no issues. The colors are adorable and vibrant, not squishy or see through at all. Yet still so easy to remove. Highly recommend these pens!"

    Amanda T. - Verified Buyer

  • Wonderful

    "These were exactly what I didn't know that I needed. They are super easy to apply and use without any hassle, plus the metallic violet is absolutely beautiful on my keyboard. As a visual learner this will help connect hangul to the standard alphabet in my mind."

    Katherine P. - Verified Buyer

  • A must!

    ''Just received this notebook yesterday and already a favorite while learning Korean! The amount of space it has to repeatedly practice how to write the consonants and vowels is great. Can see that it will be easy to pack and use this while on a car trip or plane flight to pass the time. Can't wait to order more notebooks!"

    Denisee - Verified Buyer

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